Home Energy Inspections

I do Home Energy Inspections and am a Cerrified Home Energy InspectorA home energy inspection can help you understand how much energy and takes to it takes to heat, cool, and operate your home.  This will save you money and can increase the comfort of your family.  InterNACHI studies show that the average homeowner can expect to save over $500 every year on utility bills by following the prioritized recommendations within the Home Energy Report™ that you will receive.

It takes a lot of energy to operate a home. InterNACHI has found that many  home buyers have no idea how much it will cost them to operate their home once they move in.  Current homeowners do not fully understand how much energy is being wasted.   InterNACHI also found that,  many homeowners would not know how that can save energy and reduce home operating costs.

The Home Energy Inspection Report provides  you with an understanding of:

  • how much the home will cost to operate (upon move in)
  • where energy is being wasted in the home; and
  • what can be done to save energy and increase comfort.

What is a Home Energy Inspection?

I follow the standards of the Standards of Practice for Performing a Home Energy Inspection™ and will use the Home Energy Report tool, developed and approved by InterNACHI.   The Home Energy Inspection’s energy calculator was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy in collaboration with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  In 2012, the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory completed an accuracy assessment of the Home Energy Saver™ model.   The tool was found to be extremely accurate (within 1% across groups of dissimilar homes), when given high-quality inputs including not only about the physical characteristics of the building but also how appliances and other equipment are operated by occupants.  I will provide that input into the model to calculate ways to save you money.