There’s Never a Good Reason to Avoid Paying for a Home Inspection

I read an article from David Myers of the Chicago Daily Herald entitled , “There’s Never a Good Reason to Avoid Paying for a Home Inspection” (The was old and eventually removed but I kept a PDF copy.)  Mr. Myers debates with a reader about  whether a home inspection is worth the money or not.  In the article, Myers responds to a reader that asks, “is a home inspection a waste of money?”

Home Inspectors find Undisclosed Defects

Mr. Myers corrects the reader stating that the seller only has to disclose ‘KNOWN” defects and that a professional home inspector knows how to FIND these defects (my emphasis) – well worth a few hundred dollars since a professional home inspection is “Cheap Insurance.”  A home inspection (or commercial property inspection) is both cheap insurance and a powerful price negotiation tool for both the buyer and seller of a home worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. It can keep you out of court where your you may or may not collect damages for property defects.

Example of Undisclosed Defect Identified During an Inspection

“For example, say you purchased a house without ordering an inspection, and it slid off the foundation when the first rainstorm arrived, the only way you could collect damages from the seller would be to prove that he knew about the problem – or at least should have known – and failed to disclose. At best, you would have to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees and countless hours in court pursuing a claim with an uncertain outcome.
Had you instead hired a professional inspector, it’s likely that the inspector would have noticed telltale signs, such as fissures or buckling in the cement, that the foundation was giving way. You then could have negotiated with the seller to have the necessary repairs made, or simply use the contract’s inspection contingency to cancel the sale and get your deposit back.”
Like he said, “cheap insurance.”  It certainly makes me feel pretty good about my career choice and the value that I can provide my clients with my years of construction and inspection experience. I know that I have helped people avoid some major problems in buying or selling a home and I am proud to be a NACHI Certified Home Inspector. Remember all “Home Inspectors” are not created equal, find a Certified NACHI Inspector to get the best value for your money.

Here is a little more current article that discusses the return on the investment that you get from using a certified Home Inspector entitled, “Ten Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip a Home Inspection“.


Inspections Done Right